We are in a rapidly changing world, and IEEE faces many challenges. If elected, I plan to work with our outstanding volunteers and staff to focus efforts in key areas, including:

1. Membership – IEEE must not be an elitist organization, but must reach out to all potential members; new members are a source of new ideas and energy.
a. Reverse the decline in membership in Regions 1-6 and in society membership, and reverse the poor retention of student members after graduation
b. Understand and take full advantage of the growth in Regions 7-10
c. Develop a flexible menu of member benefits which are different for different constituencies, geographies and career stages; one size does not fit all.

2. Finances - IEEE has come back from the financial downturn and now has reserves at an historical high, with a total of US$74M added to the reserves over the last three years.
a. Develop a long-term strategy for managing the reserves
b. Give entities with adequate reserves access to those reserves for their important initiatives

3. Publications – IEL is a great success, but is threatened by Open Access
a. Address any industry movement towards OA, and continue development of counter-strategies
b. Establish a fast track for approving new publications
c. Reward publications for reducing the time between submission and publication
d. Make IEEE the search engine of choice in the technical community for technical information

4. Education:
a. Continue the excellent start of Expert Now; target the needs of recent graduates
b. Develop modules on career management, using the IEEE-USA modules as a prototype for the other IEEE Regions

5. Cooperation: The various units of IEEE came together during the recent downturn to collaborate and overcome many serious challenges. Build on that spirit of cooperation to collectively identify and meet challenges with joint action across the Institute.

Of on-going concern is increasing the pipeline of students (including pre-college) around the world interested in engineering and science, reaching out to the practicing engineer/scientist, cementing relations with industry, and improving the image and reputation of engineers and scientists, engineering and science world-wide.