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Welcome to the website for my candidacy for IEEE 2007 President-Elect. If elected, I will serve as IEEE President in 2008. I am honored to be a candidate for the presidency of the largest and most important technical professional society in the world. I thank the IEEE N&A committee and the IEEE Board of Directors for their confidence. The other candidate for IEEE 2007 President-Elect is John Vig.

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I have been part of the IEEE as member and volunteer for almost 50 years. I joined as a graduate student in 1958, and became an active volunteer in the 1960s. Over four decades of volunteering, I have served as president of two societies, was editor and special issue guest editor of four publications, and have been on the program committee and served as program chair and general chair of seven conferences. I also have been continuously involved with the Awards Board for over three decades.

Since 1990, I have been involved with TAB and IEEE governance, with the exception of 1993 when I was PSPB Treasurer. I have been on the IEEE Board of Directors three of the last five years - as TAB Vice-President in 2001 and as Division 1 Director in 2004-2005. I have been president of the Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits societies, been TAB Treasurer for two terms, been Chair of the Meetings and Conferences Committee when it reported to TAB, and since 1990 have been involved in numerous IEEE and TAB committees and task forces on such topics as strategic planning, governance and reorganization, and finances.

I solicit your vote for IEEE President-Elect. I believe these are exciting times with great potential. A strong IEEE will make significant contribution to the progress of our members and the technical community, and through them, the progress of the world as a whole.